One touch record in g723 or wav format

hi everybody,

I try to record a call with *1 - one touch record feature in g723 format.

exten => _00[1-9].,1,Set(TOUCH_MONITOR_FORMAT=g723) exten => _00[1-9].,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@ext-sip-account,,wW) I have chosen g723 format because in my

there is no translation between g723 format to wav/slin (default for *1 feature). After pressing *1 sequence I have two files in my /var/spool/asterisk/monitor - *in.g723 and *out.g723
After searching a lot I failed to combine/use/hear or convert them into wav this to file.
How can I convert those to files into wav? Is there a posibility that one touch recourd feature will record directly in wav format ? (probably there should be a translation, but how can I add it?)