One SIP & Analog phone

I would like to know if there is any phone that supports both SIP and Analog at the same time.

I want this as a backup, just in case of a power outage. Can anyone tell me of any?


it’s long tine I am in VoIP but haven’t heard about a phone with both features. You need an ATA (analog telephone adapter). You can buy a cheap one, for example Grandstream or Linksys with FXO.

I too have been looking for something like this with no luck. I would like a phone that say, when you dial *3 then the extension it goes over IP using the IAX2 protocol. Other wise it just uses the analog line. This way my parents could call me free over the asterisk system. I have yet to find such a device.

I use a TARGA 450 DECT phone. this connects to my Asterisk and to an analoge line (49,99 EURO).

Dear Wizandy:
It is easy to meet your requirement for our YWH600B IP PHONE.
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when power off,it can be used as pstn phone.
and moreover when power on, you can change from PSNT OR VOIP PHONE anytime by dial the different number.
can be slected among these 3-SIP account as caller by dial different dial prefix.
For each YWH600B,it can have 3-SIP account and one PSTN phone number,that means each phone own 4 phone numbers,all can be used as callee at anytime.Fo the caller,these 4 account can be selected by dial different relevant prefix(including switch to PSTN as an ordinary PSTN phone)
YWH600B has a real FXO port to support router call from PSTN to VOIP or VOIP to PSTN.
and in fact our YGW30B ATA with an analogy phone connected to YGW30B fxs PORT ,it can have the same fucntion to YWH600 IP PHONE.
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otherwise u can use iax softphone like idefisk alternate for the sip phone.