Odd Problem with Aastra 57i and asterisk (comedian) vm

A short background on what I am doing. I was tasked with finding an inexpensive reliable solution for VoIP… that said… I am a total n00b when it comes to phone systems in general… I have been able to forge my way this far.

What I have is a couple of x-lite soft phones (which work fine) and i received my Aastra 57i hard phone today, and for the most part it works fine… until I call voice mail.

at that point asterisk reads the digits in double or triplicate

say the extension was 6001 and the password for voice mail was 4321…

this is what the console (CLI) interface reads out :

 -- Incorrect password '44332211' for user '66000011' (context = default)

What does your aastra.cfg and .cfg look like?

you need to make sure you have defined the dtmf mode correctly.



I was using the incorrect DTMF method.

works fine now :smile: