Linksys PAP2 and voicemail

I have my Linksys connecting and calling through the Asterisk server with no problems. However, I can’t access the Comedia VM server thorugh it. After dialing the *97 and inputting the password, i get that the password is incorrect. I have double checked the set up and it is fine. I have tested from a softphone and don’t have any issues.

It would appear that the dtmf is getting me here or something to that effect. Any ideas or pointers on some possible fixes? I found on in, but it didn’t seem to help at all.


i seem to be having a similar problem with my asterisk box. I have a ZAP trunk and a SIP trunk. If i call the FXO from an external line and press *98 for voicemail , i can access my voicemail from the outside. If I dial in from my SIP provider, I get “login incorrect”.

Could you post the links you found on maybe i can find something useful. Obviously if anyone has any other ideas feel free to respond as well!

Try this:

Run asterisk in console mode (asterisk -c or -r if already running). Then set the verboseness to 10 (either “set verbose 10” or “core set verbose 10” depending on the the version of asterisk). Then reproduce your problem while watching the messages being reported. If it’s caused by a DTMF problem you will see it.

Otherwise check voicemail.conf and make sure your password is correct.

Mark MacVicar

What exact Linksys model do you have?
How DTMF mode is configured on your Linksys box?
How DTMF mode is configured on Asterisk for your Linksys box?