Ring delay when a incoming call

Hi :laughing: , please I need support, I need that the incoming calls wait for 4 or 5 rings, because of the asterisk is answering at the first ring.

If this is posible, please tell me what can I do for that !!! :blush:


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Are you using SIP?

You could try

exten => BLAH,1,Wait(5)
exten => BLAH,n,Answer()

Thank you, but I’ll be more specific, when a call is incoming to system, not to an extension, asterisk are answering at the first ring, I need the asterisk answer at the 5 ring, because is possible that another person take the call out of asterisk and only when nobody are near of the system, this take the call at the 5 ring.

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Are you using SIP? Post up the entry point of your dial plan.

Yes I’m using SIP, but I need the wait from an incomin call from pstn

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You aren’t giving me anything to help you. You haven’t posted up the incoming context of your dialplan, nor have you explained why my first suggestion doesn’t work.

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To let the phone ring one time you have to wait something like 3-5 seconds before answering, so try wait 20-30 seconds to obtain 4-5 rings.
You can wait before answering the call in this ways:

exten=>s,1,Wait(20); 20 seconds


exten=>s,1,Answer(20000);  20000 milliseconds=20 seconds


Marco Bruni

To wait for an incoming call, but not an internal call, wait in the incoming context and then goto a different context to resolve the extensions.

Are you talking about waiting 4-5 rings for voicemail to answer?
We still need to see your extensions.conf to really understand whats going…

Let me explain, yes, when I recieved a call from PSTN, the PBX answer at the first ring from the PSTN, then asterisk begin it to work, Ok, for this procedure I need when a call is incomming from PSTN, the PBX wait to the 5th ring to work.

Thank you very much for your help

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