NSLU2 Unslung Front End besides FIVN - Help Please

Is there a front end besides FIVN for an asterisk system (1.4) installed on an NSLU2? I would like something simple - but complete - and that maybe can be run fron Windows?

I looked at fivn but they want to run Apache which I think is a little heavy for an NSLU2 with 32MB ram along with Asterisk. It is using thttpd already but fivn isn’t made apparently for thttpd (or else I am doing something very wrong)… Anyhelp would be appreciated - thanks.

(Also I think maybe the fivn isn’t too complete?? Anyone with experience? - It seems maybe a little dated… but perhaps I am wrong. Also for others the wget command that comes with Busybox doesn’t work - you have to do a ipkg install wget and use the one it installs from /opt/bin/wget to follow the instructions on fivn.com/products/asterisk.html).



If you want to modify configuration files yourself then it is suitable for you. It is running on all Linux. It requires web server which supports cgi and busybox. It may require gawk if you use Unslung firmware. thttpd web server works fine. I use that GUI on Debian and now on Fonera running Openwrt.