Asterisk in FreeNas


At home, i have a Freenas server Raid 5.
Is it possible to install Asterisk on it and how?



You may want to post the brand/model of your FreeNAS device and/or head to either OpenWRT or DD-WRT open-source sites to find out if your device is supported. If it is not supported and you are determined to have an Asterisk PBX system on a Linux embedded device, then you are better off to get any supported WiFi router by either open-source sites. The key on this is to look for device that has a built-in USB2 port and lots of RAM, i.e. at least 32MB. I have my asterisk- hosted on a mediocre FON2100 device with 8/16MB Flash/RAM and it works just fine.

Are there any upgrades for this system?

You may want to check out this PlugPBX.