Nortel i2002

I used the chan_unistim-0.9.4.tar.bz2. install went fine but once I added on unistim.conf

;device = mac address
;line => 100

and added in extensions.conf under the [default]

exten => 2100,1,Macro(stdexten,2100,USTM,100@100

my phone says “Sorry, this phone is not registered in unistim.cfg”


I reboot asterisk and then power up phone but still the same problem
I’ve used unistim debug but the info provided is “request not authorized in this state”

But then again if I do a unistim info it replies back under sessions with the ip address of the nortel i2002, the mac address, timeout=-1490501165, device=(nil), session=0x88c48c8

so I guess eventhough extensions.conf is telling me through the phone that this phone is not in unistim.conf when I check to see if unistim see’s it or not, it does!!!

So I’m stuck…

Need very detailed help



Hey Linx, What are you using for the Unistim converter?

You may try posting on these Nortel forums as well.

This would be a great feat if you could get a i2002 to work on Asterisk. It would bring a whole new concept to Nortel adminstrators.

Keep us updated.