Nortel i2004

Hi everyone,

So I have been playing around with my new install of asterisk 11.12.0 and I have a Nortel i2004 phone which I am trying to connect.

I have follow all the insturctions online about how to install this, my phone reaches my router and I can successfully ping it from my asterisk system but the phone will nor reach the server.

Now I think this is linked to the unistim.conf file, but I believe that this is included in the basic install of Asterisk v11 but I cannot seem to find the unistim.conf file in order to add the needed details for the Nortel i2004 to connect.

HELP!! I’ve been trying everything I can think of to get this too work, the rest of the system works in terms of IVR/trunks etc etc.


Hi alex,

you can find sample file under
/SOURCEPATH/asterisk-11.10.2/configs/unistim.conf.sample or you can try “make samples” command in /SOURCEPATH/asterisk-11.10.2/