Nortel i2002 features and experience

Yesterday I received a Nortel i2002 that I found on eBay. The installation and configuration of the unistim channel went without a problem. I can make and receive calls, and the sound quality is very good. But there are a few things that seem to be a bit strange:

(1) There is no clock on the display when the phone is on hook.

(2) When I dial a number, I don’t see it on the display.

(3) Caller Number/Name display:

  • When I receive internal calls, only the name is displayed, not the number.
  • When I receive external calls (no name available, only number), the phone shows date and time.
  • When there is no call. the phone shows whatever is specified in ‘maintext0’.

(4) The speaker and message waiting lights don’t go off when they’re supposed to. Only after picking up the handset and putting it on hook again, they’re cleared.

(5) The mute button is also a bit odd. When I press it, I would expect that only the microphone is affected, but on this phone both audio directions are muted.

Hold seemed to freeze Asterisk, but putting a ‘musiconhold’ line into unistim.conf seemed to solve that problem.

Does anyone have experience with this phone? How is it actually supposed to work? How about firmware upgrades?

Version infos:
phone firmware: 5.70 and 0603B25
Asterisk: 1.4.21