[Nortel i2004 Phone] New toy review

took delivery of a couple of eBay purchases this morning, one of which is a spanking new Nortel i2004. installed the UNISTIM channel driver on my main 1.2 Asterisk box to give it a go and tweaked the conf file as per voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … M+channels and the example supplied. hooked it up to my PoE switch (don’t like wall-warts !) hit the buttons at the right time, and voila !

really nice phone !! good sound quality, really weighty/quality feel to the unit, big screen (it’s the silver/chrome bezel model), seems to be a decent speakphone, and it came with a Plantronics headset and cable so it’s a steal for the money i paid (GBP65)

5/6 soft-buttons available with selectable icons, codecs are selectable, msg-light supported (but seems to take an age to register that you’ve no new messages) and config file changes are made without rebooting the phone. features supported include : Send/Receive CallerID, Redial, SoftKeys, SendText(), Music On Hold, Auto-provisioning

on the downside, there appears to be no support for any kind of internal phonebook, in fact the buttons across the bottom are pretty much redundant, and BLF functions are only currently available for UNISTIM phones.

on the whole, a decent bit of kit. for most users, i wouldn’t have an issue with using these in place of an Aastra 480i or 9133i, especially at this price, but i would prefer a Snom 360 on my desk.

versions of the channel driver for 1.2 and 1.4, and a big thank you to the devs, Cedric Hans and Peter be