Nortel - Asterisk Integration using SIP


I’m trying to integrate an Asterisk PBX with a Nortel using SIP.

I can call aout from asterisk to Nortel but the reverse way I can not.

I receive next error message:

Mar 7 07:30:56 DEBUG[2411] chan_sip.c: Setting NAT on RTP to 0
Mar 7 07:30:56 NOTICE[2411] chan_sip.c: Content is ‘multipart/mixed ;boundary=unique-boundary-1’, not 'application/sdp’
Mar 7 07:30:56 VERBOSE[2411] logger.c: Transmitting (no NAT) to
SIP/2.0 488 Not acceptable here

Any Idea?

I found some information in other forum. There someone had same problem and when I contacted him he just told me that He modified chan_sip.c in order to make it comaptible. He did not give the full detail…

Thanks in advance…

are you connecting asterisk with a nortel phone or with a nortel softswitch… ? because I have the project of integrating asterisk with a nortel softswtich here and if you’re doing it too we can mutually colaborate.

Best Regards!

The scenario is as follows:

1.- Nortel CS1000 Rls 4.50W with Signalling Server rls 4.50.25
2.- Asterisk@home rls 1.2.5
3.- Xten softphone attached to Asterisk PBX. I also tested the Unistim solution for Asterisk and it worked fine. I tested i2004 and i2007 sets.
4.- M39XX, i2004, i2007, M2216 st attached to Nortel PBX
5.- SIP trunks between them

Curretn status:

Xten softphone dials to any extension of Nortel PBX - Call completes successfully.

Any Nortel extension dials to Xten softphone - Call can not be completed. When I turn on SIP trace, I see the 488 Not Acceptable Here SIP Message.

As soon as I know, codec negotiation issues can be one of the reasons of such SIP error message. Here I tested using different codec but same result.

The second thing that can be the reason is that Asterisk(chan_sip.c) does not support MIME format. Nortel PBX SIP applications sends for field c the following: Content-Type: multipart/mixed ;boundary=unique-boundary-1

and Asterisk is waiting for something like “application/sdp”.

I found some other posts from someone that modified the chan_sip.c and made it work but He did not want to share the solution

Waiting for your comments…

In asterisk version 1.2.5,

As you guessed, your problem is indeed that asterisk (or chan_sip.c) expects a content-type ‘application/sdp’.

If you are a developper, you may want to change the content of the chan_sip.c code.

You will find your error message line 3416 in the function ‘process_sdp’.

The behaviour is pretty simple : the content type is checked and if it does not match ‘application/sdp’ type, it breaks and returns the error message.

Instead of breaking, you may want to compare to ‘multipart/mixed’ and do the proper behaviour.

I’m not a developer, but I pretend to be.

I modified that part for “application/sdp” in chan_sip.c… What do I need to do in order to apply changes? issue make command?