Nortel 1120E SIP firmware

Hi! i have a Nortel 1120E with the UNIStim firmware in it, i need the latest SIP firmware, i don’t know if someone can help me on this one. The firmware is avaible on the nortel support site and they say it is avaible to the customer but i need a autorized dealer account to download it! Can someone download it for me please it would be really appreciated thanx!
It can be sent to thanx!

Hello there !
Have you managed to find the SIP firmware for the 1120e ?
I have 6 units here that are useless without it, I have been looking for it for weeks too ! Please let me know if you found it anywhere…

thanks !
Have a great day…

Yes i have the latest version, i will be able to send it to you from home, send me a PM with your E-mail.