Asterisk Dial option "R" triggers on SILENT early media, any way to avoid?

Asterisk dial option “R” is described as follows:

R - Default: Indicate ringing to the calling party, even if the called party isn’t actually ringing. Allow interruption of the ringback if early media is received on the channel.

This is exactly the desired behavior, except that there is a provider that on some calls sends silent early media, in other words the channel does receive early media and therefore the Asterisk-generated ringback is interrupted, but because the early media contains nothing but silence, the caller hears nothing until the called party answers. Is there any way to avoid interruption of the ringback until early media that contains non-silent audio is detected? If not possible currently, could this please be considered as a feature request? This could be implemented as an argument that would define a threshold level for what is considered non-silence - if the argument is not given or is zero the “R” option would behave as it does currently, but if a non-zero argument is given then a received early media packet would have to contain audio reaching at least that volume level before the ringback will be interrupted.