No ring sound at CONSOLE/default

I have a working asterisk installation with loaded. I have autoanswer set to no in alsa.conf so I can manually answer calls at the console. However, when the console is dialed via Dial(CONSOLE/default) in the dialplan, I get the message that the console is ringing, but there is no sound accompanying it. After the call is answered, the call audio works fine. Is this normal behavior? Is there a configuration I could change to produce a ringing sound when the console is receiving a call? Thanks!

Ubuntu 10.10
Asterisk 1.6.27

There doesn’t appear to be.

Note that the console drivers aren’t really suitable for production use, except, possibly, for paging.

My apologies for being dense - it seems you are saying there doesn’t appear to be a setting to change this behavior. Are you also saying this is the expected behavior (that I do not have some other issue causing this behavior)? Can you also be more specific about why the console drivers aren’t suitable for a production environment? Thanks again for your quick response.

The code for alsa call returns AST_CONTROL_RINGING, but does not start any media. It is how it is designed.