Dial without sounds

Hi there,

I’m new in asterisk. Tring to use a raspberry pi with asterisk and freepbx connecting to the doorbell.
What I need to know is supress the sounds from the console while dialing or busy cal.
I use
asterisk -rx "originate console/alsa extension 1000@default"
Call rings on phone and we can hear the calling tone on console
I want to supress all sounds on the console in a way the caller does not know it is calling.

This is the fisrt problem I had

After this step I have a question: during a cal is possible to run a batch ?

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Answer the call immediately, and use silent music on hold whilst calling the B party. However, I consider the console drivers to be proof of concept drivers, rather than production quality ones.

thank you david55 for your answer.
I was trying to setup that on asterisk side, but it seems that it’s to be setted on the client side.
I really need this to be configured on the raspberry PI and not on the mobile clients.
Any hint ?