No ring inbound with ATA HT


i try to search the forum and read many posts about this issue. but it didnt solve my issue.

i have asterisk box with users connected on ATA HT 286 and HT 486
when users dial to my VOIP gateway OH323 they hear ring tone normally but when my users call between each others they just hear silence until the other user pick up or time out.

AGI Script Executing Application: (Dial) Options: (SIP/6843052957|75|rHL(53677000:61000:30000))

– Called 0813052957
– SIP/6843052957-043d is ringing

but no ringing tone just silence

i added r to dial command didnt make any change.

any one can help solve this issue . its just between my sip , i dont face this when users dial to h323 trunk.


look like no one free to help or can help :frowning: :cry: :unamused: