No Outbound Calls

We are having an issue making outbound calls on a new install of Asterisk. We have a simple setup of a TE110P card.

We have figured out how to get SIP to SIP calls via a couple of soft phones yet can’t for the life of us figure out how to make outbound calls. We have inbound calls working fine as well.

While debugging the PRI lines it looks like the calls are being sent out, yet they are never terminating on the other end. Possible problems? Ideas?

We are not sure of what switch we are terminating into so we have attempted to change our switchtype= from national, ni1, dms100. Could this be the problem?

Any other thoughts?

It’s midnight and all of us here are going insane trying to figure this one out. We just updated to release 1.2.1… Nothing. Searching mail archives now.

Post back the following:

  1. zapata.conf
  2. zaptel.conf
  3. extensions.conf related to outgoing calls