Can not make outbound calls with SIP phone


I’m using Asterisk 1.2.13 on FreeBSD 6.2, TDM400P card with an one FXS module ( channel 1 ) and FXO module ( channel 4 ).

I connect my phone line to chan 4, and an analog phone to chan 1.
I can call from other phones to my Astersik server and connect to my extension on chan 1 and sip extentions.

I can make outbound calls from chan 1 phone also.
The problem is with sip phone that I configured ( Ekiga ).
I manage to call to it (sip extension ) from my asterisk internal extensions and from outside.
The sip extension can call also to others but not to outbound calls…

output after set verbose 10:
== Spawn extension (internal, 0025303840, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/davidpeer-0866e000’
Jan 25 11:30:08 WARNING[9298]: chan_sip.c:3641 process_sdp: Unknown SDP media type in offer: video 5054 RTP/AVP 31
– Executing Dial(“SIP/davidpeer-0866e000”, “Zap/4/025303840”) in new stack
– Called 4/025303840
– Zap/4-1 answered SIP/davidpeer-0866e000
– Hungup ‘Zap/4-1’

What am I doing wrong?
What do I need to post here for you guys can help me solve this issue?


What sort of SIP phones are they? It looks as if they are trying to setup a SIP Video connection?

Thanks for your replay,

But I manged. I needed to configure the codecs in my sip.conf ( which I didn’t earlier ) also my context was wrong.

About the video, its just a warning that I thought might help debugging but since I use Ekiga as my sip phone, it offers that always by default so for now I disabled it.

Thanks again!