Asterisk <-> SIP Provider problem?

Hello all.

I have outbound call problem.

I tested case by case to find out where problem is.
I captured what I tested. please take a look at the below link.
I’m not good at Engliish. so you’d better to see them to understand what I’m asking. :smiley:

After I tested these things, I’m sure there is no problem internally.
But, I’d like to double check for make sure.

What should I do for this problem?

Thanks for taking your time.

Check this please. :smiley:

This is not tested yet. But I will.
What do you think of this? :smile:

Thanks guys.

You have to be more specific what is your problem exactly, provide more details of your Asterisk Config, Network Topology could help, Asterisk CLI output and set verbose at least 5