No incoming calls / sip

Hallo Community,
I set up a new system on a synology unit using the web-interface. A new sip-trunk has been activated, the trunk shows: “registered”, users created, extensions are logged in, a ring group for 6400 (switchboard) has been established, operator extension set, incoming calling rule for the trunk: “s” to 6400, however no incoming call seems to ring…

the provider just drops the line in the first ring, any hint where to start with the analysis? Thank you!

General SIP is working because i can receive calls via twinkle (sip-webphone) direct / not via asterisk.

B ert

OS Version:
Linux Thot03 #4493 Thu May 29 11:06:20 CST 2014 armv5tel GNU/Linux synology_88f6282_rs812

Asterisk Build:
Asterisk GUI-version : 2.1.0-rc1

I would contact Synology, as they run a web interface that hasn’t been supported by the main community for some years now.

However, although things like ring groups need to be dealt with by them, incoming call failures can be debugged by getting suitable logging. Logs are normally in /var/log/asterisk, although Synology may differ. Categories logged are controlled by /etc/asterisk/logger.conf (again assuming standard directories). To submit a bug report for a SIP problem, you would need the following CLI commands:

core set verbose 5
core set debug 5
sip set debug on

although one regular here normally prefers not to have “core set debug 5”.

Thank you David,

I will enable logging and contact the synology forum. I will post any success…