No incoming calls from in Asterisk

Hello all,
We have an asterisk box that works fine since month with several sip-providers and now we try to add The registration works according to “sip show registryâ€

Set debug to at least 4 and turn on sip debugging. If there is still no trace of the calls, they are not reaching the machine or not reaching the correct port on the machine.


Your not registering to sipgate so they wont know were you are.

have a read of … w=asterisk

It should solve your problems


He did say

[quote]The registration works according to “sip show registryâ€

Hello David !

Thanks for your help.
I did this :

core set debug 4
core set verbose 4


sip debug

gives me this : No such command ‘sip debug’

Any idea why ?

At the initerface I see :

Asterisk PBX
IP: sip:9999999@
(I did not copy the true IP address)

Outgoing calls work fine, but the incoming don’t. You say that it could be a port problem? How may i check this out ?

Thank you very much for your help !


sip set debug on


thanks for your input. I did follow the advices on that page.

My registry command is :

register =>

Any idea ?


Hi you need an extension to match the 999999 to.

Have a look at what I posted you will see it mentioned there. you wont match to s


Hi Ianplain,

I did what you said, but still don’t get anything :frowning:.

I realy wonder what is so diffrent from sipgate to other providers like or openIP - with those I do not have any issue !

Thanks for any further idea !




You hane posted no sip trace , no full version of your sip.conf, you havent said if you are hind nat or not.

Basicly do a sip trace and see if the call is hitting you at all