No inbound call


I am using Asterisk@Home with BroadVoice and XTen’s XLite softphone. It seems that I can login fine (XLite shows “Logged In”). When I placed an incoming call to my BroadVoice number, it awlays said “… the number you are dialing is currently busy…”. Need someone gives me a clue here.

(1) I turn on sip debug at Asterisk@Home and I saw I was getting an INVITE and then my Asterisk@Home sent “Service Unavailable” message. I think this is the reason, but I don’t know how to debug it further.

(2) When I configued my XLite softphone to connect to BroadVoice directly, I was able to hear the ring and able to answer the call as well. This means the problem is not at BroadVoice side.

Did someone have this expereince or face the same issue before?

Many thanks