Need some help, Call failed: Busy here!

Hi, Im kinda new to asterisk, but I’ve managed to set up an asterisk@home and make it work pretty good. Now I want to run asterisk on freebsd instead, but I cant dial between 2 computers using the xlite softphone. The only message i get is “Call failed: Busy here” on the xlite phones.
In /var/log/asterisk/cdr-custom/Master.csv it says:

““testphone2” <202>”,“202”,“201”,“from-internal”,“SIP/202-cd72”,"",“Busy”,"",“2006-06-19 14:34:45”,"",“2006-06-19 14:34:45”,“0”,“0”,“NO ANSWER”,“DOCUMENTATION”,"",“1150720485.2”,""
"“testphone1” <201>",“201”,“202”,“from-internal”,“SIP/201-603a”,"",“Busy”,"",“2006-06-19 14:34:50”,"",“2006-06-19 14:34:50”,“0”,“0”,“NO ANSWER”,“DOCUMENTATION”,"",“1150720490.3”,""
"“testphone3” <203>",“203”,“201”,“from-internal”,“SIP/203-b02b”,"",“Busy”,"",“2006-06-20 11:09:23”,"",“2006-06-20 11:09:23”,“0”,“0”,“NO ANSWER”,“DOCUMENTATION”,"",“1150794563.4”,""

any ideas? The phones can successfully log in, but I cant call between them.