Asterisk --> BV: Incoming does not work

Asterisk seems to register just fine with BroadVoice (asterisk -r, and then sip show registry shows is “Registered”)

…but when I try to call my broadvoice number (from a cell phone), it rings one single time and then says “The party you are trying to reach is not available to take your call.” This doesn’t seem to be an Asterisk message but seems to be coming from someplace else.

What can I be doing wrong? I’ve searched the forums and mailing lists and my config seems to be perfectly fine…

Here are my config snippets:

*** SIP.CONF ***
secret=########## <— hidden


exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => 2100,1,Answer()

first thing context should have been the same.

add in sip.conf []
and try CLI>sip show peers
does is there with “Status=OK” ?

Ahh, sorry. I’ve fixed the context names but it still doesn’t work…

asterisk1*CLI> sip show registry
Host                            Username       Refresh State         5703380128@s        23 Registered
asterisk1*CLI> sip show peers
Name/username              Host            Dyn Nat ACL Port     Status
outgoingpstn                     5061     OK (17 ms)
1000/1000             D   N      5061     Unmonitored
50/50                 D   N      5060     Unmonitored
21/21                  D   N      34162    Unmonitored       N      5060     Unmonitored
5 sip peers [5 online , 0 offline]

Everything seems to look fine, no?

Do sip debug and make inbound call
you do have a place for it to go right, inbound route to exten, IVr, voicemail???

Based on my extensions.conf (context=incoming-bv), wouldn’t the call just be answered?

When I call my BroadVoice number, here is what “sip debug” shows me:

Also, perhaps I should mention that in the Asterisk console, every 20 seconds or so I see this:
“REGISTER attempt 1 to

It keeps repeating over and over (every 20 seconds or so). Is this normal? “sip show registry” shows broadvoice being “Registered”.

Anybody? :frowning:

Your asterisk server is returning a 404 Not Found. If you look at the trace you provided, you will see that is shows it “Looking for 5703380128 in incoming-bv.” It is expecting to find an exten 5703380128 in your incoming-bv context in your extensions.conf file.

Ahhh, that fixed it. Thanks!

Can you explain why it was looking for that extension? Is that a Broadvoice thing?

interesting!! This seems to be new!!

I have never had an extension the same as my broadvoice number in my dial-plan. In the past I used proxy which used to be Yesterday I noticed that I am no longer getting any incoming calls. I noticed that the dca proxy IP has changed and I had the exact same problem. Adding my broadvoice extension to the dialplan fixed it.

… even though I specifically register to an extension




We had the exact same problem pop up yesterday with our BroadVoice connection. I was really pulling my hair out. I could not imagine what the 404 error would be from when the configuration had not changed.

Thanks SuperB for your post. I saw the “Contact: sip:5703380128@” text in both the sip debug output and in my tcpdump. I just did not realize what it was trying to tell me. It would have been a long time before I guessed that I needed changes to a previously working call plan.

I’m with this same problem, but I don’t know how to fix it.

REGISTER attempt 1 to…

Please, tell me how to fix it (step-by-step).