No Event for MuteAudio action using asterisk AMI

Hey Everyone,
So i have been trying to mute/unmute call channel using asterisk ami.
I am using this action
and call is getting muted but asterisk server is not returning any event


Does MuteAudio action doesn’t return any event ? or it requires any extra setup/configuration.

You should see what is going on when you look at the SIP capture of such a call.You should see something like a reINVITE with IP and an ACK. I have forgotten whether there is an AMI event in this case, but the AMI event mask must be set properly in order to get all events.

I do get events for action like Hangup,NewChannel and others…
So wanted to confirm if for MuteAudio action asterisk server returns any event or not

based on my research i found this

It would be great if asterisk team can give some info on it

I’m not sure what other info you’d be looking for. As far as I know, nothing has been added. Feature requests are on GitHub[1].

[1] Issues · asterisk/asterisk-feature-requests · GitHub

@jcolp i got confused as the channel gets muted with MuteAudio action but wasn’t returning any event.Thanks for confirming :slightly_smiling_face:

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