Hello, I installed Ubuntu Linux on my P4 system in order to run Asterisk…I was eventually able to “MAKE” asterisk-1.4.0-beta3 and “MAKE INSTALL” and install a sample config, and everything seems in order up to this point…asterisk is running upon boot, as I can enter its CLI with asterisk -r command…I would now like to make a phone call from my PC using asterisk to configure the caller ID information that will appear…I have a PCI Data/Voice modem installed with a phone connected, but I’m not sure if its working with Ubuntu or not yet…are my expectations realistic? I appreciate all feedback.

go read the sticky at the top of the forum. the one that says something like “READ THIS FIRST”. then download and digest the free Asterisk book that’s linked to in there, and learn from the examples that contains. then check with the wiki or with the doc files in the Asterisk source for guidance on particular applications.

any other problems, people here are willing to help, but you generally have to try things yourself first.