Newbie question -feasability

I’m starting out with asterisk, still reading the docs, the handbook, and (when it arrives) the Packt book.
I’d like a quick check on the feasability of my goal. At the first, the system will extend the analog lines with new functionality, VOIP is but coming later.

I have 3 incoming analog lines: 1 voice, 1 fax, 1 mixed voice/fax

In essence, I hope asterisk can add following functionality to the present situation:

  1. if unanswered, an incoming call is recorded
  2. recorded messages can be listened to, using local phone, pc, internet?, incoming admin call
  3. incoming faxes on voice line routed to fax device, printer, email
  4. outgoing faxes can be sent from pc.

less important:
-outgoing voice calls to use first the fax lines, thus freeing voice line for extra ipphones?.
(CallerID possibly showing voice line number?).
-All conversations to be recorded

I think the TDM400P in its TDM13b incarnation would be a valid choice
I would like to use the same server (most likely an smp machine) for asterisk and for opengroupware.

your remarks are welcome

  1. this is called voicemail. Asterisk supports it, see the applications VoiceMail() and VoiceMailMain() (to check messages). At the CLI, do show application xxxxx for more info on an app.

  2. yup, voicemailmain(). You can also as I recall put a flag in VoiceMail() that lets them escape out, have that go to voicemailmain() to check their vmail.

  3. create an extension ‘fax’ in the incoming context. If you use a zaptel card, and a fax is detected, it will go there. It can then be routed to your fax machine.
    If you want * to get the fax you need to install other stuff, check the wiki ( for asterisk fax…

  4. possible but see above… takes extra doing. Wiki it :smiley:

good luck!

thanks for your reply.
good to hear it’s possible.