Asterisk with Voice/Fax/Modem. Vontage or other be better?

I have an old P-III that I’m using as a firewall that I want to run Asterisk with. I’m running Debian 4.0r5.

I have an old US Robotics 56K external modem that I have used with Winfax for Voicemail, faxing and to connect to CompuServe. I’ve poured though the forums, read the recommended documentation. Saw lots of no’s, but none specific for this modem. I saw a couple of yes’es, but I would have to get my own drivers and it might not work, again not for this specific modem. I also Goggle’d. :slight_smile:

So my first question, can I use an old Voice/Fax/Modem with Asterick? As I noted above it does have the ability to hand incoming voice calls.

I am also looking at signing up with Vontage. Would that make it easier to use Asterisk? I have not looked into that too deeply. Would another provider be preferred? I don’t need the ability to make outgoing call, at least right away.

I have looked at the X100P, but I don’t have any slots left in the computer. I already had to take out my sound card. … do I need a sound card?

What I am basically looking to do is set up an incoming voicemail. Something along the lines of if you wish to reach JJ, press 1. I am getting numerous calls from collection agencies that are filling up my answering machine. I guess all us Thomas are connected together; I have one credit card, paid in full at my house, anyway. I figure if I have the calling party “press 1â€