Newbie, package help

Hello there, I’m experimenting with asterisk and linux for pretty much the first time. I’ve never had an excuse to dig into the inner workings of our web server, but here I am. I purchased the O’Reilly book on askrisk last night. Can anyone point me in right direction for installing packages and dealing with dependencies? Any tips or tutorials that you are aware of? I’m using fedora fc4.

Thanks, Mike

Look into the “yum” command, it installs software while addressing dependencies. I am sure if you google “yum fedora” you will find plenty of examples…

I know the digium folks love this - but one of the fastest ways to get started with Asterisk is to download the iso for asterisk@home. It will configure everything and allow you to test and play with the system while being a newbie. Just realize that certain files in the /etc/asterisk dir are dynamic in asterisk@home. I think they are the *_additional.conf files. They are written to by the database which is dynamic through the php interface. Asterisk@home has its strong points and can give you a lot of good script ideas for how to build and test dial plans.

Brad Rose

thanks for the tip on yum, I found that shortly after making my first post. I also found which has been a big help so far.

I’ll take a look at th @home too. Thanks!