Asterisk programming

hi all
i’ve heard alot about about asterisk and i woulk like to learn how to program using asterisk, is there any compiler for it? how can i use it to convert protocols? is there any pdf books available to learn me how to program using asterisk? actually i need to learn it as soon as possible because i have a project which should be done in 30 days… plz if anyone can help me i’ll appreciate it :smile:

read the sticky posts in the “Documentation” forum and you’ll find 2 good books about *, other useful resources you’ll find at
You don’t need nothing special to bridge a H323 channel with a SIP channel, just learn how to setup H323 and SIP protocols in * and how to setup the dial plan.


thanxand i hope this gonna work… i really appreciate it

do u know how to install the following packages:

1-Linux 2.4 kernel sources or kernel 2.6 header files. (for libpri)
2-bison and bison-devel packages (This is used to build Asterisk)
3-ncurses and ncurses-devel packages (Used to build astman, etc.)
4-zlib and zlib-devel packages
5-openssl and openssl-devel packages

I don’t know what Linux distro you are using, but for me on my FC (Fedora Core) Box, you do the following;

as root do: yum install package and press enter. thats all. ( you have to be connected to the Internet though.

e.g as root do: yum install kernel (will install the most recent kernel for you)

and yum install kernel-devel will install the kernel source. Therefore yum install bison will install your bison package.

You could also goto and search for the rpm versions and install the packages. With the rpm version, you will install as follows;

as root do: rpm -ivh <package.rpm> enter. Note that you must be in the directory where in downloaded the rpm package.

Cheers. … stallation

actually i have downloaded everything but i don’t know how to install asterisk… i got asterisk folder at my desk top, the command that i wrote is: # cd Desktop/sterisk(downloded from asterisk website)/asterisk- 1.2 (my version of asterisk) i got msg says you need to be in root but i was actually in root as u see, this command is mentioned in this website but it does not work, even i tried to find any setup or install file inside the downloaded asterik folder but i could not find anything… by the way iam using fedora 7…
thanx for ur help

To build and install Asterisk 1.2, minimal installation:
$ cd ~
$ wget … .18.tar.gz
(download the zaptel library archive in user’s home, as normal user)

$ tar fxvz zaptel-1.2.18.tar.gz
(extract the file in the current directory)

$ cd zaptel-1.2.18
$ make
(build zaptel)

make install

(install zaptel, as root)

$ cd ~
$ wget … .21.tar.gz
(download the * archive in user’s home, as normal user)

$ tar fxvz asterisk-1.2.21.tar.gz
(extract the file in the current directory)

$ cd asterisk-1.2.21
$ make
(build *)

make install

(install *, as root)

#make samples
(install sample config files)

Hope it helps.


thanx for ur help… i actually did all ur steps but wt next i mean when i write # make samples nothing change (last line was [samples] Error1… how could i know if iam in asterisk? i think there should be a new window or something like that…

thanx again

It is not all that hard but the proper stuff has to be in place. On there is some very good instruction on how to setup an Asteriskbox with different linux distros. If it is just for learning maybe it is an idea to install a vmplayer on your computer and download a ready to go vmwareimage with asterisk.

If you have no idea what I’m writing about look at and download the image, burn it on a cd and install it on your pc. Beware, all your current data and programs will be lost. This is a very easy to go asterisk distribution with 10 sip entries, a conference and a very handsome menu. You save yourself all the trouble of installing Asterisk from source.