Newbie needs help in Ubuntu

I have an IT networking background, but have never done anything with a PBX.

I want to caller ID to display during movie playback on an XBMC media center PC.

The media center has a plugin for connecting to an asterisk server.

So I bought an FXO (x100p) card and installed it in a Ubuntu server and connected the landline.

I installed asterisk and dahdi.

But I didn’t get any configuration questions… the asterisk daemon is running, but obviously it isn’t configured in any way…

there seems to be a lot of information about configuring SIP for VoIP… but can someone help me configure Asterisk in Ubuntu to use the FXO card?

that’s a huge question, you want to read “asterisk the future of telephony”.

if you want an easy solution though, you could just download a distro like “elastix” or “trixbox”.

I am not sure that the X100P is supported by dahdi; it may have died with zaptel.

The best place to obtain information on configuring for the card is the card’s vendor - X100P’s are essentially only used with Asterisk.

I’m not sure if the X100P supports UK style caller ID, and there is no indication of where you are.

I wouldn’t have expected to get configuration questions.

Hi did you ever have any luck with this? I have also bought an x100p se card from and installed it. modprobe xcfxo gives no output at all. lspci shows the card, but Asterisk doesn’t detect it and only shows the dummy.

How do you install the x100p drivers in ubuntu?

Thanks for any help at all.