Newbie Help Required


I have just found this forum after searching PBX system and the Asterisk seams to get mentioned alot and is well respected, so iam afetr some help.

Iam looking at setting a system up for me due to being self employed and want to cut my cost on telephone bills. I need some advice on Cards for analouge in and also if this is possible, I want a incoming analouge line to be direvted to a extension which has a Premicell (GSM Gateway)on it to divert to my mobile the system would have to dial my mobile and then connect the call through, i have looked at all the documention and cant find a solution, is it at all possible.



yes, Dial() with the D option to send DTMF to the Premicell before the call is bridged. this makes the Premicell dial the mobile, then bingo, you’re talking.

Thanks for the fast reply, so iam on the right track.

Also looking at Digum cards whats the difference between (I think) FSK FSO looking to input 3 analouge UK lines.

you want a Digium TDM03B (or a TDM400 with 3 FXO modules, the same thing)

or a Sangoma AFT A200 with 2 2-port FXO modules (my preference)

Where the best place to buy cards from.

Sangoma A200 FXO FXS modular Analogue Telephony Card
Base price ?89.99
2 Port FXO Module 2 Port FXO Module (1 @ ?64.99) Add ?64.99
2 Port FXS Module 2 Port FXS Module (2 @ ?59.99) Add ?119.98
A201 Slave Card
For every extra 4 ports A201 Slave Card
For every extra 4 ports (1 @ ?54.99) Add ?54.99
RJ11 to BT Adapter RJ11 to BT Adapter (0 @ ?2.00)

Does the above look right for 2 incoming analouge 2 voip or more, to 2 extensions and a extension with a premicell on it.

looks like a myphonecall price to me. if you shop around you might get a few pounds off, but for 4 FXO ports you’re looking at about GBP200 plus the VAT

Do you need cards for the VOIP, i had assumed this comes in on the network card ?