Newbie: Asterisk with Soho66 voip provider


I use Soho66 as my small business voip provider. Recently my mobile phone provider has been switching us to IPv6 which apparently Soho66 cant support (only IPv4). I was therefore wondering if I could use Asterisk on a Linode cloud server to proxy the connection between Soho66 and my devices. If this is possible, what do I need from Soho66 to make this work? I’m a newbie when it comes to understanding SIP.


A proxy won’t help you as the communication channels will be negotiated and the transport will likely also be IPv6. A B2BUA (Back-to-back user agent - Wikipedia) like Asterisk can cope with something like that.

Would I personally do something like that? No, no, never. Far too risky as far as stability and maintenance is concerned.

A proxy should work, but it will need to ensure that it keeps itself in both the signalling and media paths.

Thanks for the responses. In think we’ll just change VOIP provider to one that supports IPv6

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