Newb Question - Basic functionality

Hi, just starting to get going with VoIP and Asterisk and am having some troubles with this extremely basic scenario.

Here is the background of what I am currently wanting to do. I want to be able to make an outgoing call, thats it. My TiVo HAS to dial up to get an updated configuration, then it can get the rest of the info via my LAN either from a usb or ethernet connection. Why it couldn’t get that directly from the LAN, I have no idea…very frustrating.

So, all I want is to configure a box that can allow TiVo to make its dialup connection. I have a laptop or a desktop that I can dedicate to running this. So, I’m a little confused about what all I need (if anything) hardware wise. Do I have to get an adapter that goes from the RJ-11 to either RJ-45 or USB and connect that to the box? Or can I directly connect the TiVo to the laptops built in modem (would prefer this route since it would be cheaper)?

So depending on the answer to the above question, my real question is:
If I need an adapter, what would you recommend?
If I don’t need an adapter, is there a tutorial on how to do what I am asking?

Thanks so much.

yes, you need an adapter.

i’d start here - … ng+Started

there is also a GREAT book call ‘Asterisk - The Future of Telephony’ - it will give you all the basics and probably help you out quite a bit.