Newb -potential setup

Hi there,

-new to Asterisk, but I have experience w/Nortel, Meridian etc; hoping to gain perspective or advice from those who know.

-Currently, I’m a Vonage sub. at home. I’m condsidering the move to CallCentric and of course an Asterisk box. I have a couple of questions, however.

  1. Has anyone had success unlocking a Vonage WRTP54G?
  2. If unlocked, can I use the WRT in lieu of purchasing additional hardware for the asterisk server? ex. VOIP>>WRT >> Asterisk >> back to WRT and POTS
  3. Is anyone aware if there are standard tones to initiate a fax transmission? I would like to set up an auto attendent: If A press 1, if B press 2 …if a certain tone sequence is detected, consider fax and send to general mailbox. -that would of course be contigent of Asterisk having a unified messaging feature, right, wrong?

I greatly appreciate any insight.


R Davis