New with Linux (SUSE) und NEW with Asterisk

I Just instelled Suse on my PC and everything is totaly new for me. I just wantet to “play” with Asterisk a littlebit, because it sounded great to have an own VOIP-Phone-System :smile:
Well, my question is: How do I install Asterisk ? -> I usually work with WinXP (sorry)
I downloaded : … 0.9.tar.gz

Thanks for a BIG help

I am also new to that stuff, but I got some success proceeding a s follow.

  1. via Yast (SUSE config tool) ==> software, verify first that you have the following installed.
    Some of them are installed, but not the -dev version (development version) which is needed.
  • bison
  • ncurses-dev
  • openssl -dev (you need in fact libssl-dev, part of openssl)
  • newt - dev (you need in fact libnewt-dev, part of newt)
  • zlib1g-dev
  1. depending on the hardware you have (trunk card installed in the PC, …),
    you need also need ZAPTEL and LIBPRI.
    Download from asterisk site.

  2. unpack the tar.gz files you have downloaded
    change to the directory where you have unpacked
    run the command
    make clean
    make install

In the asterisk directory, run also make sample (to create sample configuration files)

  1. After installation, asterisk has put the configuration files under /etc/asterisk
    The executables are under /usr/sbin
    Change to the directory /usr/sbin
    run the command ./asterisk -cvvv (means with CLI + very verbose)
    At the end you should get “asterisk ready” and a CLI> prompt

With help, you can see available commands.

  1. Next step is to edit the config files to adapt them to your needs.
    You can edit them using “open with kwrite” from konqueror right mouse menu.
    lines with “;” are comments

For beginners, there is a manual explaining minimum settings
(you need at least channels and extensions)

Good luck