How to install


I want to setup a VOIP network at home.
Now i wil like to check on Asterisk because i think that is what i need.

But how can i install this?
I have downloaded the version Asterisk Version 1.0.9.
And how can i come in the admin tool.

Or is there no admin and no install method?

The question you are asking is very broad. I cannot give you specifics because your question is not specific. So here’s quick walk through for getting up and running.

1.) Install you favorite version of Linux
2.) Download Zaptel & Asterisk from
3.) unzip and compile Zaptel & Asterisk
4.) you can accomplish step 3 by executing the following commands at a terminal.

tar zxf zaptel-1.0.9.tar.gz
cd zaptel-1.0.9
make install
modprobe zaptel

tar zxf asterisk-1.0.9.tar.gz
cd asterisk-1.0.9
make install
make samples

5.) You can now configure Asterisk by editing the files in the /etc/asterisk folder. You can also configure the Zaptel driver by the /etc/zaptel.conf file.

6.) As root type ‘asterisk -vvvvgc’. That will start asterisk running.

There’s a brief method of getting up and going with Asterisk.

Good Luck,