New user....Some questions


I am a new user to asterisk. I have tested the dev kit and it works ok.

Now i have a few questions.

1 - do you know if there is a way to use asterisk to receive fax on from analog or isdn telecom lines using asterisk ?

2 - i have looked everywhere and i never find a really complete documentation for the dialplan. i have found the handbook ver 2 and the asterisk documentation project vol 1.
Is there a more complete doc for using all the features of asterisk ?

3 - does asterisk work under fedora 3 ?

4 - i would like to record my prompts using windows. What program do i have to use to record prompts that works with asterisk ?

Thank you for your help and sorry if my english is not good at all.


  1. Some people have had success using spandsp to receive faxes with Asterisk.

Check here for more information: … terisk+Fax

  1. The Asterisk wiki seems to have the best documentation for anything related to Asterisk now.

Check here for information about dial plans. … n+Planning

  1. Sorry, I don’t know.

  2. I’ve had success using the common windows sound recorder, and then converting the file to gsm using linux sox.

Hope that helps!


And your english is very good. :smile:

Thank you for your help.

Do you know where i can find linux sox ?

There is no program under windows to convert wav to gsm ?

Thank you.

sox is generally available with any more recent Linux release, and is in many cases installed by default.

I’ve heard Adobe Audition can create gsm files, but I have not tried it. (It’s a little expensive just to test.)