New to system need info or new tutorials

Hello, I have installed asterisk 1.09 on a fedora server. I have my prompt but that’s as far as I got.
I would like to test asterisk at home with the regular phones via voip. My phone system at home is with vonage, I hook it up before I ever thought of trying or even knowing of asterisk and then I started to look around the internet and found this site. I have tried the tutorials but being new I get a bit confused althoug they walked me thru my installation. when i get to equipment, that’s where I find my questions. I have tried to connect via “voicepulse” tutorial to test but have not been succesfull. Can someone direct me to a tutorial or recomend how to proceed or even an idea.
My main idea when I started looking was that of starting a service company to service the residential market and still would like to do that.

I’ll apreciate any help. Thanks

The Wiki:

and the book: … +Telephony

Are the best sources of information. Also, there are some details specifically for Vonage:

Thank you for such prompt response. I appreciate it. Any one else with other ideas are welcome I can use as much as I can find.

Thanks again.