New user setup / Cisco phone questions

I am going to be setting up Asterisk and have several Cisco 7910 and 7940G phones. I read that some people are having problems getting Cisco phones to work. I am a network engineer so I do have experience in computers, but none in PBX/phones. I did setup Asterisk once using softphones and got these to work internally.

Are these phones easy enough for a new user to setup? If they are not, what phones are more plug n play.


The easiest way to get the Cisco phones hooked up is to get the SIP firmware for them. To do that you need to have SmartNET on them so you can download the firmware.

There is a way to hook them up using the native firmware as well but its not as good as SIP. See link below for more info. … cisco+79xx

I use the Polycom phones. Its a little bit of work to get the configs setup but once you do its as easy as plugging in the phone and it grabs the latest config.