New To Asterisk, Catistrophic failure, new install

Never look at an Asterisk install since hired 3 months ago (been sysadmin’ing for 20ish years…)
& last week the the motherboard fried on the phone system-- :frowning:

i was able to install the latest & greatest Asterisk Now with Asterisk GUI 1.6
& able to get the slew of Polycom 501’s ‘partially’ functional (… that ftp thing is a weird setup…)

& i’m able to receive calls (after a day of fighting with conf files)
but dialing out has gotten a bit wierd
we are in a 10digit dialing area
The only calls that can be made must be prefaced by a 1 – which get you a LOCAL call
& dialing 11 does not work to get an long distance # (likely looks like a international call)

so the real question – is kindof extensions.conf vs extensions.ael question

i don’t have the version # of the prior install but the dialout rules do not seem to change
the way the manual & other places(I.E forum) seem to indicate when i modifythem …

SO is it possible that the ael is conflicting with the conf file ?

(i’ve copied a great deal of info into the conf to take care of the extensions …)

AS WELL Is the gui version saveing the info in yet another place ?

got it figured out … i had pasted old rules over the default demo rules then deleted 'most ofthe default’
the ‘most’ is what came back to bite me /…
that and the old rules did TRUNKMSD = 0 where default is TRUNKMSD = 1
aaggh… still what looks to be weird yacc errors but phones are functioning again …