New to asterisk and fairly new to SIP

Hello All…

I am pretty new to asterisk and SIP but I am very interested in deploying it within my organization. We have a head office and about 10 remote offices including about 4 in the USA ( we are in Jamaica)… I have a redhat linux box already setup and I downloaded the asterisk source code from the web, I just have no idea how to go about installing it… Is there anywhere that I can get this info?.. I was looking at the handbook document at -, but I don’t see installation instructions. Please assist … Thanks

First off this book would be perfect for you:

Asterisk - The Future of Telephony

Second, have a look here:

Step by Step Installation on Fedora

(The above may not be perfect, for example I do not recommend running X Windows on your system as it may interfere with voice quality. But it is a point to get you started.)

There are many other examples of you go to the Asterisk Wiki here.

Thanks you my friend…

I’m checking the sites out now… appreciate it…