New Setup of Asterisk is not accepting connections by SIP

Im new to linux and Asterisk but love learning new skills.

At the moment, i’ve set up a linux server and an installation of asterisk.
Problem is, the server isnt accepting connections from Xlite. XLite just says request timed out.

Here is a copy of my sip.conf file. I would appreciate any help.


type=peer ; we only want to call out, not be called
username=6608182 ; Authentication user for outbound proxies
fromuser=6608182 ; Many SIP providers require this!
usereqphone=yes ; This provider requires “;user=phone” on URI
call-limit=5 ; permit only 5 simultaneous outgoing calls to this peer

; Turn off silence suppression in X-Lite (“Transmit Silence”=YES)!
; Note that Xlite sends NAT keep-alive packets, so qualify=yes is not needed
regexten=1001 ; When they register, create extension 1234
callerid=“Jane Smith” <5678>
host=dynamic ; This device needs to register
nat=yes ; X-Lite is behind a NAT router
canreinvite=no ; Typically set to NO if behind NAT
allow=gsm ; GSM consumes far less bandwidth than ulaw
dtmfmode=rfc2833 ; Choices are inband, rfc2833, or info
mailbox=1000 ; Mailbox for message waiting indicator

Is there any problem with this?

I hope this was just a mistake made when posting this problem, if not this is probably your problem.

Corrected that but with no luck.

  • still wont accept sip connections.

Any suggestions?

Is the SIP extension registered?

Your extension would have to be registered.

Heres the output from “sip show peers”

localhost*CLI> sip show peers
Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Mask Port Status
xlite1/journo (Unspecified) D N 0 Unmonitored
1 sip peers [1 online , 0 offline]

problem resolved.

turns out, the hosting company had installed a firewall which i wasnt aware of.

thanks for your help.

You’re welcome