New Phone Lines

Hello All,

I have inherited a number of Asterisk servers running Asterisk SIP Phones in several offices at the company I am currently working with. I am currently running:

Asterisk ON CentOS 4.4

As far as I know, there is no GUI front end and I can only configure anything from the CLI.

One of the offices is moving location and as part of this, they are also changing the phone numbers.

1- Do I need to make any changes inside Asterisk?
2- How and where?

I hasten to add, that I’m not a telephony engineer, so a lot of stuff is a bit foreign to me. I am a Windows engineer really :smile:

Please could anyone help?

Asterisk is a low level toolkit. The precise details of what you change and where will depend on how it was installed.

You are likely to need to make changes in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf and /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf.

Thanks David.

I’ve had a look through all those .conf files and I can’t see anything that relates to the DDI numbers that we use. So I’m hoping that the connection/telco equipment supplied in the new office will be similar enough for me to just lift and shift the boxes and the ATA, plug it in and start calling :smile:

Or am I missing something crucial?