Changing SIP config programatically

Hi all, I have another question, is it possible to programatically change the SIP configuration of the phone on which my app is running.

I have a phone that is registered to my asterisk server. When a given event arises, I would like to register my phone to a different asterisk server.

I am not seeing anything related to SIP configuration in the class so I presume the answer is no, but I prefer to ask the question in case this is not documented.

Thanks in advance for your help


No currently, no.

What kinds of events arising would cause you to want to do this?

I can think of a couple of examples, but I’d like to know your real-world use case.

I’m working to integrate digium phones in our call center software solution. Our app can be comprised of multiple asterisk servers (plus cti, and other components aswell) and during the day, the load balance % can be changed. When this happens, I may have to connect my agent to a different asterisk.

So for now what I’m doing is simply pre-configuring 1 asterisk per line on the phone. This way I can simply dial the appropriate asterisk using the accountSlot param in



Thanks :smile:

I’ve recorded your request and your interest.