New network port for IAX2

Hello !

I have made an installation of an Asterisk 1.4

Due to firewall filtering issues (in many hotspots) I want to use the IAX2 protocol with the port udp 53.
(As this allmost allways will pass trough an outgoing firewall.)

Yes, I have done this before, using a nat router in front of the Asterisk server to forward the port udp 53 to udp 4569.

Now I have installed Asterisk on a virtual server with no firewall in front. It also does not exist the option of prerouting the udp packets from port 53 to port 4569. (Because the actual version of the Linux kernel is compiled without the support for NAT. With no NAT support, there is also no prerouting.)

So I tried to reconfigure the IAX2 setup via the iax.conf file to define an alternative port 53, But it did not work. Even though the configuration files were reloaded with port 53 configuration, it was still stuck with port 4569.

Is there anyone in this comunity who knows how to make the IAX2 run at port 53 ?

(As this will allow logon from 99.9 % of all hotspots.)

Best reg Arne