Adding second sip account to existing system

hello guys,
its my first time ever touching an asterisk server.
i have an existing asterisk running with 1 sip account, IVR is configured on it. and it receives calls succesfully.
im trying to add an second sip account to that configuration.
what i did was, in sip.conf file i added another register line, with my new sip credentials.
here is how my sip.conf file looks like :
here is my extensions.conf file :

i restarted asterisk from command line but when i call newly added number asterisk is not answering phone (it acts like its not registered, but i see from my sip providers panel that its registered)

i appreciate any help in advance

sip set debug on

and post the sip trace of the incoming invite or at least post your cli output with a verbose level minimum of 5 ( core set verbose 5 )

didnt know set verbose command, thank you for this
it says this :
[Apr 26 23:01:41] NOTICE[587][C-00000000]: chan_sip.c:26273 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘’ ( to extension ‘s’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘verimor&callcentric’.

to extension ‘s’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘verimor&callcentric’.

When the call is routed to the s extensions, this usually is becauanldse the caller did not provide any routing digits.

on your inbound context add the extensions entry for the s extension.

so i should add something like this to my sip.conf right:

but this didnt do the trick.

Contexts only exist in the extensions file. Your example appears to be from sip.conf.

s is an extension, not a context name.

Answers you get here will generally assume that you know the basics of how extensions.conf works.

It is needed to at least handle and understand the Asterisk basic configuration in order to be able to understand and receive the proper support from members of this comunity. so I encourage you to have deep reading to the Asterisk documentation

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