New extension take too much time to create

Hi team ,

Help me out ,

Take so much time to create new extension, browser page is loading and loading , after 20 mintues is created and its working fine , there is no issue with that. but time is concern for me .

Me using asterisk 14 version,
CHAN_SIP with create new extension

Please provide complete information.

What GUI are you using?
Is this a VM where you hosted asterisk?
Asterisk 14 is quite old. Why not to switch to asterisk 18?

What GUI you use ? Some GUI like FreePBX will load so long time if have big configuration data

No VM used , Its a machine, where be installed and configured. And its FreePBX GUI Or Command console.

Okay gave me suggestion which one i can use to resolving this

guide me to Very easy method to Upgrade to 18 version .Its my first time to work on this enviroment , you called me as a beginer level to forward to advanced ,


How many extensions you have ?

What size of biggest file in /etc/asterisk ?

This is a peer support forum; there is no team.

Asterisk hasn’t had a web GUI that was supported in this forum for at least the best part of a decade. The only GUI that has any reasonable level of support is the one you say you are using, and peer support for that is provided at

I’d note that FreePBX uses “extension” differently from Asterisk, using it for both the things defined in extensions.conf and those defined, in your case, in sip.conf, whose names it aligns. The only thing I can think of which might make a configuration reload, on Asterisk itself, slow, is if you have static hosts in sip.conf and one of your DNS servers is timing out.

(As others are hinting, FreePBX completely rewrites various configuration files during an update, and it is possible that you have a file that is so large that the time to do this is becoming significant. Bare Asterisk users would, typically, use Asterisk Realtime Architecture, if they had to manage huge numbers of changing “extensions”.)

On this folder , we have only sip_additional.conf 286K size

This is we are using for NOW

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