New business phone routing question?

Hello, I just purchased a business and have the main old telephone and number. I would like to be able to:

1- route the calls to a voice mail

2- route them to my Iphone

3- route them to my sales managers mobile phone

Do this from my Iphone and be able to “toggle” them between the 3 places.

Question is, is this possible ???

I really appreciate in advance any advice anyone might provide!!!

The simple answer is yes.

The actual implementation will vary depending on budget, number of lines you have, and how you want to control the destinations. If you’re serious, I’d suggest finding an asterisk consultant (like me…shameless plug) to help you plan out a system based on your needs and budget.

The cheapest option would treat the iPhone as a normal phone, as far as controlling the routing was concerned, although you would still have the choice of traditional mobile phone networks or VoIP over a mobile data network. You would simply use a sequence of keypad presses to control the system.

As this is a rather typical intelligent networks application, you might want to investigate whether a central service might be less hassle than having to maintain your own PABX system. That might require the use of a special number range.